Ultraleap chooses Flexpricer for Contracted Pricing & Bundle Quoting

London, UK – 30 MARCH 2023 – World-leading hand tracking and haptics company selects Flexpricer as ‘the obvious choice’.

Ultraleap, a leading technology organisation specialising in hand tracking and haptics, faced the challenges of transitioning from a small to a midsize company. To simplify their pricing process and implement discount approvals, they turned to Flexpricer.

Before implementing Flexpricer, Ultraleap managed its pricing using Salesforce Price Books combined with an Excel document. However, they found this system time consuming and wanted a more streamlined approach for their sales team.

By implementing Flexpricer, Ultraleap has successfully streamlined their pricing processes and gained better control over discounts. They’ve also begun using additional features such as bundles more regularly, saving time and effort by automatically including shipping costs for physical products using Flexpricer’s product add-on.

Dev Purdon, Ultraleap’s Senior Manager of Revenue Operations and Distribution, shares, “Flexpricer was the obvious choice for us. Other solutions on the market are either too complex to implement or do not offer the same level of functionality, yet they come at the same price. Flexpricer has become indispensable for our company, eliminating the need for us to measure its performance.”

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